Light Duty Level 2 060218GB San Jose

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Prerequisites: MUST CURRENTLY HAVE AN ACTIVE LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION ISSUED WITHIN THE LAST 3 YEARS • The Level 2 Advanced Light Duty Towing & Recovery class is a One Day course consisting of classroom instruction only. Emphasis on review of Level 1, Side Recovery, Recovery Stabilization, Laws of Motion, Understanding Velocity, Levers, Hybrid, and Advanced Car Carrier • Refreshments and lunch are included. • Please bring a pen and scrap paper for the exam. Please note that the instructor will check for a valid driver’s license upon class check-in, the name on the driver’s license must match the name on the roster. Please allow up to two (2) weeks for your test results.  Terms & Conditions: NO cancellations or refunds within seven (7) days of the class.  Code & Conduct: All students/drivers will conduct themselves in a professional manner, horseplay or roughhousing is not allowed on site. Students and drivers will follow the direction of the instructor, CTTA Representative, and host company manager while on site. No alcohol, weapons or illegal substances, or harassment of others will be allowed. Students must be respectful of property of CTTA as well as the host company, please report any malfunction or breakage, immediately. Instructors have the final decision on any questionable behavior or appearance and may evict any student from the class as they see fit. Cheating on the test will not be tolerated, this includes the use of notes or electronic devices.